C’EST MOI,  BERNADETTE!2015-11-22 19.02.27

Let me introduce myself. In my everyday life I’m a writer, an artist, a mental health doctor. A maker of all kinds of things. And lover of Paris.

Once a year I go from here to there. Paris is my other place. I go there to remind myself who i am. And how to be here. How to make home happy.

My motto is ‘be the rose’. Now is the time to be in full bloom. There is no need to worry about finding your passion. Be passionate instead!

I believe in making midlife magic. I believe that life is not a series of tasks to be done. Or a bucket-list. Of all the things to see, the stuff to have, the facts to know. Our life is made by the way we spend our moments. By being able to be present in them. By actually being there. That a lot us have lost some of the capacity to be present in the moment. Modern life makes it hard.

So I draw to see, I make to have, I write to know.

I have learnt how to grow love. By giving real attention.

And I stay still a lot more these days. Even when I travel.

Once upon a time, not too long ago I was in a big fat middle-aged funk. That’s when I got the idea to go on a trip. To go to Paris. Then she called out to me to come again. So I did. That’s when I fell in love.

Not just with the place, but with a way of living. A more sensual way of being. That’s when the magical things started happening. Paris showed me how to make what I knew about in my head happen in my real life. The actual  journey turned out to be to my heart. With all my senses getting involved along the way. The biggest surprise was that when I came home everything was better. Even me. My lesson was ‘joie la vivre’.

So i made this blog to share My Paris Story with you. It’s about how to see, how to have, how to know. How to travel to make change truly happen. To journey back to yourself. How to bring the good stuff home. There’s some mindfulness. Some brainy bits. A whole lot of heart. I share my journals, paintings and poems. There might even be some dancing. And there’s sure to be many musings about Paris along the way. That’s one of my loved things now.

If you are a midlife women. If Paris calls to you.Iif you desire to go from here to there. If you need to get unstuck. Or renewed. Or even rewired. if your outsides are a bit tired. If you sense the real trip is also about your insides. If you don’t know how to start. Even if you’re uncertain, or afraid, or alone. Or just a bit curious.


I’ll be there with you. I’ll show you how.




♥ Bernadette. Be the Rose.