A Paris Year (Sydney: www.hachette.com.au , 2017)

Like many others I have a dream to one day paint and write and eat my way though a full Paris year. To experience the particular pleasures and pains of each season. To be able to go deeply into the belly of the city. And linger along those lovely rues. Find those undiscovered places. Be a local somewhere. To awaken to those Paris sounds and then to fall into sleep gazing at her. Day in and day out. Three hundred and sixty five whole days.

Janice MacLeod did just this and her recently published A Paris Year is both a loving ode to the beautiful city and an artistic statement. This is the women who dared to leave behind her fast paced other more corporate life to move to Paris and support herself creating hand painted letters about Paris which she mailed monthly to her subscribers. This book too is faithfully illustrated with her sweet watercolours and a personal journal of each day events. Indeed she has made another delightful love letter to Paris.

Her first book Paris Letters was just that. Love letters. It was charming and inspirational and a very romantic read. A real life fairytail of about making life in Paris a reality and finding love along the way. No wonder it was a New York Times best seller. This is the perfect follow-up book. MacLeod takes us into her private experience with antidotes and musings. But then adds in a selection of facts and figures of general and historical interest. Her approach lifting the book above mere pretty guide and more towards memoir.

Above all it is a book whose pages are rich in the sensual details of daily Paris life. We get to see, taste, smell, hear and feel Paris over the span of one year. This is after all the city that more then most demands to be experienced though the senses. If you can’t get there then reading this book is a next best thing.

I have to admit to being completely inspired now to make A Paris Year happen for myself. Another chapter of My Paris Story. Perhaps you will be inspired too. To get to Paris. To make a beautiful hand painted memoir of your story. MacLeod shows us that dreams can be made into reality. Word by word. Image by image. Day by sweet day. That’s the magic of Paris.

One last thing. I’m giving away a hardcover copy of the book. So if you take action and subscribe to my blog you might be get lucky. In the meantime start dreaming and planning your own journey to Paris very soon. Even join my small womens only tour September 2018. Mr G will be randomly selecting a winner from my subscribers list the first week in September.

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