My Paris Story Tour is a Real Thing

Time to take un chance du Couer

Bonjour mon cheres souers. My dear Sisters. Yes I’m talking to you. This is your personal invitation to finally experience the actual real magic that is Paris. It’s all happening September 2nd though to the 8th 2018. In the gorgeous autumn season. I really hope you’ll find the time and courage to join me. I’ve been visiting Paris for several years now. Uncovering some secrets. Renewing myself. Now its time to share all this with you.

Are you a woman in need of rejuvenation. Do you need change. Are you longing for adventure. Feel stuck in a rut. Are you tired of travelling alone. Have you felt disappointed with travel as a bucket list. Returned home depleted and exhausted. Maybe you need to get away by yourself for a while. With your heart. To recover your sense of self. Is it time to redefine how to be vibrant, beautiful and alive no matter your age or stage of life. Do you seek change and inner growth. Long to meet other like-minded women. Do you crave dept, true pleasure and the inspiration of real connection.

If any of this is you I invite you to join me on the first My Paris Story Five Senses Feast. In September 2018 I will be taking a small group of women for seven life changing days to the most loved city of all. Paris. I must warn you though. Once you catch the Paris bug there is no known cure! You won’t want to leave. You’ll definitely return.

This will be a women’s only journey. It will start long before you go. I will provide inspiration and readings for preparing  yourself. To open up to Paris. To what you truly desire. We will meet in a private Facebook group to get to know each other a little bit before we go. We will begin to cultivate a Paris place in our hearts

When we are finally actually there I will give you keys for doors to the what Paris is really about. Imagine experiencing the city though all of your senses. Fully awakened. So be warned this will be an unashamedly sensory exploration of the city. There is no sleepwalking or zoning out on this trip. You will need to turn up. Risk something. Courage and vulnerability will be welcomed. Because we will be intensely tasting, touching, seeing, hearing, and smelling our way along those cobblestoned rues. We will discover the feminine essence of Paris. In her parks, the markets, the museums and even some hidden places. There will definitely be some fun in her cafes and bistros. I will show you my favourites. We’ll focus on a different sense experience each day we are there. By the end of the week I reckon we’ll be literally dancing in the streets.

Along the way you’ll learn some mindfulness skills, practise self-care as self-love, identify your core values and engage the theory of change. We’ll support each other to be open-hearted, curious and joyously wide-eyed in each moment. No matter what. You’ll fall in love with Paris. I’m pretty sure of that. But my wish for you is more then that. It’s this. That you’ll also love yourself and your lot more as well. You’ll embrace sensual intensity. Understand the conditions of happiness. You’ll become more skilled as a real life lover.

Because the journey won’t stop after you return. I’ll share my secrets of how to be home but renewed and revitalised. How using the mindfulness practises and rituals of sensory awareness are keys to opening a doorway to inner contentment. To love itself. We will bring the beautiful back into our everyday ordinary  life. No matter what that life is. Because by end of the trip we’ll have found la joie de vivre inside ourselves.

So if this sounds like something you’d love let me know. I’m working on the detailed ltinerary and costings now. I’ll post more very soon. Because it’s time now. For you to bloom. Time to become the Rose.