Paris Tour 2018. How to travel beyond the myths to find the real magic

A way to find what the guidebook and hashtags can't tell or show you

Paris is a feast. I believe everywoman deserves at least one long delicious Paris feast. Including you. So will you come. Take your place at that table. I’m preparing it now. For you.

Oh Paris. City of Light. The most beautiful city in the world. One of the most visited. And most magical of all. Especially at night when the lights come on. A fantasy city. A place of long light. Of dreams that are finally fulfilled. A perfectly curated cabinet of culture, curiosities and cute people.

Here there is beauty so contagious that the most ordinary of you hope to return home transformed  though the experience of it. And the food is so abundantly amazing you will find culinary excellence no matter where you choose or what your preferences are.

The cafes are cute. So imbued with the thoughts and the wisdom of those generations of writers and artists that you will no doubt unlock your inner creative merely by spending time there. And the waiter will recognise you as the genuine traveller you are. Not the usual everyday annoying tourist. Because you want to be treated more like an honorary local that you are in your heart.

And the culture. Oh my. It is so abundant you’ll be falling over it on the street. Effortlessly uncovering the sort of transformative experiences that you know is to be found in many art galleries and museums. Even in unexpected spaces.

A deeply romantic and sensual city. Perfect for dreaming in. Yet a city simple enough and safe enough to get lost happily in. A labyrinth of cobblestone rues with endless secret places and rose filled gardens still undiscovered. To be found by you.

This is what you ache for. Lovely imaginings and ramblings along leafy boulevards and wasting time in that cute corner cafe on damp days. You want to lounge around in deep velvet chairs after a long lunch and have witty conversations about philological and other important matters.

Paris is that city that we feel we know long before we go. We have seen the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Walked those cobblestone rues. Imagined the cafe. It’s impossible to avoid the clichés that abound. We secretly long for these to be reality. For reality to match the guidebook and postcards and those gorgeous instagram pictures.

So no wonder some feel let down. Miss the magic. Feel they missed out. Didn’t find the city they were looking for. Or that others claim they experienced.

I really don’t want that to happen for you mon souer. You see I have been visiting Paris for a while now. I’ve been getting to know her. Uncovering her secrets. More than that. I’ve fallen in love with the city. And I can’t wait to share all that I know with you.

I can save you hours of time and maybe even some heart-break. Help you avoid the possible disappointments. I can give you keys to unlock Paris. The real Paris. To touch her heart. A way to experience this city that is possibly life-changing.

That’s why I say I’m preparing a Paris feast. Each day we’ll explore the city though a different sense. It will be a full-on sensory experience. Absolutely delicious. Because this is how you need to experience Paris.

I will take care of most of the arrangements. Share what I’ve learnt. So you can focus on yourself. Open your heart to the city. I will make sure you have opportunities for deep self-care. Experiences of Paris to nourish your heart and spirit. In the company of other good women. This will be a chance for your personal rejuvenation. I even expect some transformations.

So don’t hesitate. Join a small group of women for the My Paris Story Paris ‘tour’ in September 2018. Actually it’s more than a tour. Not quite a workshop. More likely the real Paris experience.

There are only a couple of places left. So let me know soon. I’d be so disappointed if you missed out. If you are not sitting at our table. Feasting. No washing-up required.


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One thought on “Paris Tour 2018. How to travel beyond the myths to find the real magic

  1. Ahh, it will be such a wonderful thing to be in Paris again.. I too have fallen in love with it… on my first visit in 1994… the sensual smells, sights, sounds, people, the underground discoveries, the food, the wine, the champagne… there is nowhere else quite like it in the world. Merci Bernadette for providing this opportunity to return to what feels like home. My first meal is always escargot… ideally in Montmartre… in the back streets away from the bustle… bliss. My retirement plan includes living in Paris for the summers. I’m happy just thinking about being there.